First dive this year on ‘Le Serpent’

A short adventure story for you guys! I went diving today, my first dive of the year. To give you a feel and touch of the dive. Today was a cold grey and windy day. We even had some snow falling. The water- and air temperature where the same with a 1 degrees Celsius. The coldest water I have ever dived in with a wetsuit. I went diving on 'LeSerpent', a wreck just a few meters from the coast. Specially put there for divers. Luckily a hotel provides hot showers and dry changing rooms. After filling our wetsuits with hot water (a tip if you ever dive in cold water) me and my buddy jumped in.

After a swim of ten minutes we reached to buoy from which we descended to the wreck 28 meters below. For the first 10 meters we had a visibility of around 3 meters. After this it reduced dramatically to half a meter. Even after diving on this dive sites multiple times, it was such extreme conditions we almost didn’t find the entrance for entering the wreck. While holding the guidelines we entered the wreck after each other. Well I had my Go Pro camera with me, but the images where black, so I can’t show you anything. We swam through the 18 meter long wreck and emerged within the wheelhouse. After exiting the wreck by the window we decided to shorten the dive and head back to the pier. This was the moment it happened…

While both looking at our compasses we lost each other. It was only 2 seconds, but it was enough. We even didn’t see the lights of our lamps anymore. While hanging there in the dark I decided to follow protocol. I slowly started ascending to the surface. Hoping nothing would happen with my buddy our me, imagine freezing our first stage :s While breaking the surface I saw my buddy already, signalling he was Ok. Relieved we swam back as fast as we could, in the direction where a hot shower was waiting for me!

Next time I'll make some photo's of the site. Till the next story!

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