Product story: The videocamera Go Pro Hero 2 with dive housing

In this product story I’m gonna try to give you guys a review about the video camera ‘Go Pro Hero 2’ with special diving housing. All though the pictures and movies definitely show that I’m still an amateur, I can tell you something about how the camera handles in the warm waters of Egypt and the cold dark waters of Holland. However during my last dive these waters were so dark the footage was completely dark. Next week, after a month of no diving, I’m gonna try again to show you how diving is in the Netherlands. But for now, back to the story at hand...

I got the Go Pro for my birthday and the first time I got to use it was during my dives in Egypt. The manual of the camera is short and clear. It exactly describes the possibilities the camera offers. All though I would quickly learn theres a big difference between reading a manual and using the camera under water.

First a couple of tips
1. My first experience was during my dive on the wreck ‘The Thistlegorm’, one of the most beautiful dives I have ever made. My first lesson was to always check the battery of your camera before adventuring on a whole day of diving. Luckily the battery had juice enough for a few pictures.
2. When using an underwater camera that has no image screen (colour LCD screen) on the back, a laptop comes in very handy for checking out the photo’s you’ve made. Especially for looking at what you did wrong so you can improve the quality of your pictures during your holiday. And yes... I forgot my laptop, so I had to wait till I came home for checking out the pictures and movies I had made.
3. After my second dive in Egypt with the camera I noticed the number of files was rapidly increasing while I didn’t had the idea I was making that many pictures. What isn’t in the manual is that in picture setting a press on the button starts the cycle of making pictures and a second press stops this cycle. When I came home I had around a 1000 files and like 900 pictures of sand and parts of my vest and fins. When in camera setting, the first press starts the video camera and a second press stops the video camera. One video is one file.

Wreck Thistlegorm
Wreck Thistlegorm
Wreck Thistlegorm

However, a few tips are nice... But how does the Go Pro really perform? The camera itself is really simple in its use. Even in the cold waters in Holland with 7mm gloves I could easily switch the camera on and off. All though I couldn’t hear the beeb through my headpiece that informs you that you are taking pictures or filming. It’s more difficult switching between movie and picture mode. But that’s no problem in warmer waters. The Go Pro 2 (as the Go Pro 1) needs a special diving housing with flat lens, which greatly improves the quality of your pictures and movies under water in regard to the standard lens. So it’s recommendable. The only problem with this flat lens is that it covers up a portion of the front LCD screen. This screen offers information about battery life, which mode you're in and how many files there on the Sd card.

In the standard version you don’t have an image screen or colour LCD screen which shows you what you’re filming of taking pictures off. That’s a big disadvantage to other sorts of camera’s. However this option is available as an expansion set. Till that time practice makes perfect. My experience is that it’s hard to tell what’s a good distance to a fish of your buddy for sharp quality pictures and movies. Many friends asked me, while I was proudly showing them the Blue Spotted Stingray, if I was joking... But no, it is really there! Look for yourselve :)

A final point of thought is the filter. When looking at my pictures and movies you notice the blue haze. That’s because I didn’t use a filter. I do have to say I really have no notion how to use a filter, so I’m not gonna pretend I do. However, using a filter can enhance the quality of your pictures and movies.

Why did I choose the Go Pro?
Maybe you’re wondering why I choose for the Go Pro instead of any other camera. The camera is small and lightweight. So it doesn’t add to the weight problem when taking your own gear with you on holiday. Furthermore the camera is easy to use and has very good quality. This camara had could go deeper (60 meters) and had better pixel settings then the camera of the professional diver on the boat in Egypt. Ín the near future I’ll probably buy the expansion pack for the image screen (colour LCD screen). And yes... eventually I’ll buy a more professional camera, but for now I’m enjoying being an amateur and the Go Pro helps in sharing my love and passion of diving with the world.

Hope this product review helped you in some way and till the next story!

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