My first night dive in Holland (part 1)

Your probably not going believe this, but I have really never made a night dive yet in Holland. Although it has been on my wish list for quite some time, I just never came around to it. Till coming weekend that is! Finally my diving buddy and I are going for a night dive. We haven’t planned exactly where yet, but it’s going to be in saltwater lake Grevelingen. It’s quite a special story how this lake was created and a big part of our Dutch history.

Divers love the Grevelingen lake because you don’t have any current’s you need to worry about as when your diving in the Oosterschelde. Dutch waters have very strong currents and they offer only a very small window for safe diving. Except for the Grevelingen lake, where you can dive 24/7. For more information about the lake, follow the links: Information about the Grevelingen and What can you see under water .
This night dive is going to be a part of a full day of diving and with a little bit of luck we can make the early window for diving the next morning in the Oosterschelde. Still got loads of places there I haven’t been yet. But that’s for another story . Also got another chance to use my Go Pro for making some new pictures and movies about the Dutch under water world. I’ll tell you more about the experience next week…

Till the next story!

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