My first night dive in Holland (part 2)

To drop the bomb (figuratively of course) the night dive didn’t go through. After two dives during the day, the chill in our bones, because of the cold water and harsh cold winds, we decided to wait at least till June before trying a night dive. Disappointed, yes! But it a wise decision none the less. However, I did make some beautiful dives during the day and I also got the change to use the Go Pro camera again. So read about an adventure story of what a day of diving in Holland looks like…

What a day of diving in Holland looks like It was a typically Dutch spring day. A nice 8 degrees with a watery sun and a very strong cold wind. Very happy we loaded our car with our gear and headed toward the coast (Grevelingen lake ) where we normally dive. Usually our first stop is always at Dolphins Dive Center, where we fill our tanks and of course drink a cup of coffee. We have been coming here for almost three years now and always friendly folk. While reaching the dive center the weather switched in a typically Dutch way from sunny to rain and even harder winds. Luckily it switched just as fast back to sunny when we were finished with our coffee.

Spider crab

Reaching our first destination, Den Osse Kerkweg, we quickly set up our gear and changed into our wetsuits. Because of the harsh cold winds this was no fun thing to do. Already chilled we climbed the dike and set out to the pier for a buddy check. We were told that the water temperature had increased since our last visit to a nice ‘warm’ 7 degrees. Our last dive had been in a water temperature of 1 degrees, so yes the water was warmer, but it definitely didn't feel that way! Brrrrrrr

Despite the cold, the dive itself was really nice. We had good visibility (for Dutch standards) with 5 meters. During our dive we navigated from the pier to some artificial reefs and back. We encountered several big crabs (the size of our heads), some baby lobsters and loads of starfish. Of course we also saw tubularia and other anemones. I tried to make some pictures and video’s with the Go Pro camera I carried. But with the 7mm gloves I was wearing I had some troubles of handling the small camera and I didn’t always get the picture or video I thought I was making.

Dutch view below water
Scuba diving in the Netherlands

After a sturdy lunch we took to the second dive site, Kabbelaar. I hope the photo’s give some indication about what a dive site in the Grevelingen lake looks like. At this site also lies the wreck ‘Le Serpent’, but this time we went for the reefballs and two smaller wrecks. With these temperatures it's of no use to dive below 15 meters in Holland. The temperature drops rapidly the deeper you get, and because of the cold there is no marine life, just darkness. In the video I try to give an impression of the two small wrecks. It takes some time before the wreck appears on the video. Again, as you see, we had nice visibility and loads of plant life covering the wreck. For more video's check my youtube channel.

When we finally dried up and rinsed our gear with fresh water we took the decision that a night dive wasn’t a wise choice. A better choice was to go for a beer and some nice spareribs in a restaurant close by.

Till the next story!


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