Are you an under water ‘Rambo’?

When diving in certain place in Holland you need to be careful about fishing lines. So here it’s always wise to take a knife with you underwater. I even know about some dive schools where it’s even obligatory. But where to put the damn sharp basterd! If you’re not careful you can put a hole in your own BCD. 

Of course it’s also depends on your type of knife. One time I was diving in Egypt and a guy appears out of the water with a ‘Rambo’ knife. The damn thing was almost as big as his lower leg! I always wonder what such a person is thinking when strapping in that knife? Perhaps he thought to wrestle a shark or something... I even tried the Rambo look for myself, put a red bandana on my head, smeared some green stuff on my face and gave myself the mean look in the mirror. Fortunately I’m no Rambo, so I went for a somewhat smaller knife. I chose for a blunt tip knife from Aqualung, with a saw and cutting edge and a fish line cutter. A blunt tip, because I saw myself already putting a hole in my greatly appreciated BCD.

I have thought about several locations for my knife. I can attach it to my BCD, it has a special knife holder. I can attach it to one of my hoses, especially the one leading to my inflator or I can attach it to my leg or inside of my left arm (I'm right handed). Even thought about attaching it to my pressure tank. In theory it sounds al great, but when you’re in the water it usually is totally different. I tried a few dives with the knife on my hose to my inflator. All though it works for my buddy, it doesn’t work for me. Every time my camera or other stuff gets entangled behind the knife. Very irritating! So next dive I’m going top to attach it to my lower leg and even the inside of my left arm. Why not… I’ll keep you posted about my perfect solution.

What is your perfect solution? Where do you store your knife and what kind of knife do you bring on a dive? I’m curious and looking forward to reading your answers.

Till the next story!

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