First freshwater dive of the year

Usually I’m a saltwater diver, but last Saturday I did a freshwater dive. My first in a very long time.
The uncle of my girlfriend is also a diver and as he lives far from the coast he does all his diving in freshwater lakes. It took some time as we started talking about making a dive together around a year ago, but it finally happened. With all his stories about big groups of basses, eels and specially sunk objects he persuaded me to come along for a freshwater dive. 

Although windy we had some beautiful weather with a nice sun. And as our dives didn’t go below the 8 meters we even had some nice water temperatures of around 12 degrees. In total we made two dives with a disappointing result. Beside a lot of rocks and indeed a trapezium and sunken rowboat I saw two basses. Secretly I believe bass number one was the same as bass number two in de second dive. But we will never know for sure… I did manage to catch the second bass on film as you can see below :)

Although diving in freshwater just doesn’t give the same feeling as diving in the sea, I’m definitely going to try it a bit more. Actually, coming Thursday I’m going for a freshwater lake in the neighborhood. Who knows… Maybe all the basses and eels are in this lake ;)

Till the next story!

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