Tips on how to release your decompression buoy

In a previous story I told you about my 'disastrous attempt' on releasing my decompression buoy. I shared this story with you, not just to make you laugh, but also to get some tips on the correct way of using your buoy. In this story I share the tips that I got from divers around the world.

The tips below give you an insight how other divers tackle the challenge of releasing a decompression buoy. I wish to thank all divers who gave these tips in helping making this list.

Tip 1buoy
Try to avoid line entanglement by hovering in trim. Use the air in your BCD to slowly inflate the buoy, by doing this your buoyancy stays the same. After this you can take your time deploying the buoy and inflate your BCD back to neutral.

Tip 2
When hovering in trim, get a slightly negative buoyancy. Compensate by letting a little air into your buoy using your octo and get neutral again. Check for entanglement, make sure your line is clear and use a second burst from your octo to quickly release the buoy. 1 shot should be enough.

Tip 3
Just practice the motions without actually releasing the buoy. Practice using your reel, check your buoyancy control while using the buoy. When you’ve got the process down, then release the buoy for real.

Tip 4
Instead of using your octo, use your breath to slowly inflate the buoy. You have more control over inflating the buoy and controlling your buoyancy.

Tip 5
Let your buddy help you by making him responsible for holding neutral buoyancy. This way you can focus on releasing the buoy.

The tips above show that everyone uses a different approach in releasing a buoy, all though the steps stay the same. Most important is to hold your neutral buoyancy while deploying your decompression buoy. I’m still not sure which way will work best for me. That is something time and practice will tell. 

If you have any other tips or advice, please tell me and I’ll add it to the above list. Otherwise till the next story!

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