To know what your filming with a Go Pro 2?

The Hero Go Pro action camera. A small wonder for the amateur diver who wants to make some underwater photos and pictures. Let’s say, someone like me. I just love to show friends, colleagues and well actually everyone else what I have seen underwater. As an amateur I found the Go Pro very adequate in doing just that. I have even written a review about the Go Pro 2. The biggest problem however is that you just can’t see what your filming of taking a picture off.

Well that’s not actually true as the Go Pro has as many accessories. One of these is the LCD BacPac, a detachable LCD screen for your camera. It comes included with extra backdoors for your underwater housing. With a simple click system, you have it changed in seconds.

Go Pro Hero 2
Go Pro Hero 2

I have just bought the LCD BacPac as I wanted to see what I was pointing the camera at. In most movies I’m just too far away or I have the subject of my attention just partly in screen. I hope with this add-on this is all in the past. Furthermore it gives you the opportunity to watch back the movies and photos you have made in your last dive. All though you can’t delete them, at least you can improve your skills during the next dive. With an 8 GB SD card it should be enough for a whole lot of ‘happily sharing my passion’  with the people around me.

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