Product review: a story about the Mares Rover 12s regulator and Rover octopus

Currently I'm diving with a Mares Rover 12s regulator and a Rover octopus. After more then two years of service I thought about a small product review. How have they performed and in which conditions. Read more about my findings and why I think that this regulator and octopus are perfect for any starting or even experienced diver.

Buying your own gear is an expensive undertaking, on which most divers probably agree. The same factors as when I bought my first BCD apply on buying my first regulator and octopus. I was a diver with a budget, searching for an affordable but good quality equipment.

The Mares Rover 12s and octopus are both entry level products with a renowned sturdiness and quality. As I live in Holland the warmest temperatures I dive in is18 degrees Celsius and during winter time this drops to an astonishing 1 degree Celsius. When diving in these kind of conditions, you need special equipment that can handle these cold temperatures. You don't want your regulator to freeze while diving. Besides the cold temperatures my regulator and octopus have also seen there part of mistreatment by rough handling on boats, clashing on the ground, transportation and so much more. They have definitely proven their resilience.


Mares Rover
Mares Rover Octopus

But it doesn't all revolve about their sturdiness. Another important factor is how they perform under water? The only thing I can say is splendidly. The first stage has a balanced diaphragm. Diving on 40 meters depth gives the same easy breathing experience as when diving on 20 meters depth. The big purge button on the front is easy to use, even when wearing thick gloves.

All in all the Mares Rover 12s regulator and octopus have a really good cost / quality ratio. Current prices in the Netherlands:
- Mares Rover 12s (with first stage) = € 169,-
- Rover octopus = € 79,-

I recommend them to any starting or experienced diver. They may not be the most beautiful looking, but definitely will prove your moneys worth.

So what do all those 'high end' regulators and octopuses have what these two don't have? In a follow up post I'm going to take a look at different regulators and octopuses currently available and the difference between entry and high end level products. Also I'm going to tell more about which important criteria's you have to consider when looking for a new regulator. So keep an eye out for new stories.

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  1. Hi Svanaard,

    Thank you very much ; just the kind of review I was looking for before going ahead and buying the 12s.

    I was told by my instructor to go for the stuff the diving schools go for sturdiness, reliability and ease of maintenance.

    Your experience confirms !

    • Hi Eric,

      Your welcome and happy my review was able to help. Till this day I’m still diving with my rover and I’m still very happy with it. Enjoy your 12s and the many dives you’re going to have with it :)

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