A real living Mares billboard

Every time I'm donning on my diving gear I always feel like a walking billboard for Mares. Not that there is something wrong with that, but still it feels that way. It just happened to be that I bought all my equipment in one go at a shop... yes you guessed it right... at a shop which was a Mares dealer. So now every time I go diving I just can't get rid of the feeling everybody is watching me.

So probably your wondering by now, how many items can a diver have of Mares. He must be climbing the dramatic ladder here... Well perhaps just a little bit, otherwise it would be a boring read I think :) In the end I have a mask, fins, gloves, wetsuit, regulator, octopus, BCD, decompression buoy, compact reel, writing slate, flex line, retractor line, diver tool kit, dry box and last but not least my traveling suitcase. Yes... I know what you're think at this moment and indeed that's quite some equipment which bears the Mares logo. Perhaps not that big a step on that dramatic ladder after all ;)

Well Mares... Now you know that there is a live walking billboard out there I'm expecting your call, I'm ready for that photo shoot. Just add some water!

Till the next story!

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