Dive center review: Kalypso Rock

During a short stay on Crete in Greece I couldn't pass the opportunity to go scuba diving for one day and check out a certain bay which should be one of the best dive sites on the island. Also a good friend of mine went for an introduction dive. Below is the review of the dive center with whom we went diving that day.

Staff (expertise/ professional / friendliness)
It was chaos at the dive center. Every one was running around, while we had no idea what to do or when our first dive would be and with whom.The friend who was with me did an introduction dive. He got a clear and easy to understand briefing about what to expect when diving, what is important and how the equipment works. My own briefings where short and without much information. No buddy checks were done during each of the three dives I've made.

I accompanied my friend on his introduction dive. The instructor did a nice job on showing as much as possible. As my friend was really calm under water we went a bit deeper then normally allowed (16 meters). What I found really annoying was that the instructor touched everything he saw. I know not every diver believes in the 'look but don't touch' rule. However I did my OW and AOW with an eco diving center where this was a golden rule. Especially on an introduction dive you are giving the wrong idea to a possible new diver. And it was not just this instructor, also the guide on my two other dives did the same thing.

Kalypso Rock dive center
Kalypso Rock dive center

Between dives we where left alone, which is a shame and a missed opportunity. I believe in entertaining your customer, he is going to be the one advertising your dive center. Especially for my friend it would have been interesting and fun to talk about what happened during the dive and which marine life he saw.

A positive moment was during the third dive. As I was diving with an older Russian guy who drained his tank on the first dive, they gave him a 15 liter tank on this dive. This meant I could have a longer dive time. This was a really nice thought.

Rental equipment
I rented a complete set of gear (brand was Scuba Pro), which was all in really good order. What I didn't like was the fact they gave me snorkel fins instead of normal scuba fins. Also the instructor told me it was 'oke' to pee in my wetsuit if needed. This gave me a chill as I felt I was diving in a wetsuit many people had already peed in. Really disgusting thought. Don't pee in your wetsuit is my rule!

Price versus quality
I paid 25 euros for rental which is oke. Furthermore I paid 30 euros for each separate dive. As these where shore dives I find this price to high. Especially as it contained nothing else. No lunch or drinks of any kind.

Dive shop
This dive center didn't have a dive shop. Perhaps because it was the end of the season.

Dive sites
As I dived only one day on Crete, I only saw the diving site where the dive center is located. Above water it's a fantastic gorge and bay. Within the gorge you find some marine life. However outside it's thinly spread. But the rock formations are a really nice view. For me reason enough to make three dives on this site.

I can recommend the dive site, but I don't recommend the dive center. My opinion is based on the chaotic way they are organised, the way they left us on ourselves between dives, no drinks or snacks available all day and I find their prices to high for the day that I experienced.

Contact informationNaamloos
Name: Kalypso Rock's Palace
Telephone: +30 6940517120
E-mail: info@kalypsodivecenter.com
Website: http://www.kalypsodivecenter.com/

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