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How to edit my under water video's? This question buzzed around in my head since I ever got my Go Pro. I always love to shoot some movies while scuba diving. Not that I'm an expert, but I just love to share my passion with the people around me. And what better way then just to show them what you saw and take them along on your adventure. However I am an amateur movie maker. I am not looking for some sophisticated and very expensive software.

Below are 3 options for free and easy to use video editing software.

Note 1: At the moment of writing this post, November 2013, the software mentioned below is free. This is no guarantee for future references. So always check the site for more information before you start the download.

Note 2: Always check if your computer and laptop have the requirements to run the software mentioned below.

Go Pro Studio
Windows Moviemaker

Go Pro Studio 2.0 - Go Pro
I've been using this software for only a short time, but the potential is looking great! The software is easy to use and simple to understand while offering a professional editing tool. Go Pro Studio 2.0 offers a variety of options to edit your video, including several fixed templates. The software is build around three steps:
- Import & Convert
- Edit
- Export

>> Go to download page

Movie Maker - Microsoft
I made several movies with this editing tool without even watching an introduction video. It is a very basic and easy to use editing tool. You don't have much editing options. You just simply import your video's and select the time frames you want to use. You can also choose an AutoMovie theme which automatically adds titles, credits. transition effects and music to your video.

>> Go to download page

iMovie - Apple
This software is only available for Apple users. Also it's not free for everyone. It was included on my new MacBook I bought this year, but a friend of mine with a MacBook from last year had to buy the application. Luckily it's not that expensive with a price around € 13,99. I haven't used this software myself, so I can't tell you anything about the way it works. But what I learned from a friend is that it resembles Go Pro Studio 2.0.

>> Go to download page

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