Scuba diving in Iceland – part 2

In part one of scuba diving in Iceland I told you about my future visit to Iceland and my wish to go diving on the Silfra and Strytan dive sites. Also I was curious about the conditions I can expect and if there are any government regulations I need to worry about. Luckily I found a well recommended dive center '' to answer some of my burning questions.

The dive center answered my questions within a day, very quickly and definitely a plus in the upcoming review after my visit. I was dissapointed to read that it is not possible to dive both sites on one single day as they are to far apart. Strytan is a six hour drive from the dive center in Reykjavik. This was quite a shock, didn't know the island was that big! Secondly I don't meet the requirements to dive this site as you need at least ten recorded dry suit dives. As I'm a wetsuit diver whole year round my official dry suit record still holds '0 dives'.

Luckily all this doesn't apply to the Silfra site, which was my first choice anyway :) This site is amazing because you dive in a crack between the American and Eurasian continents. An once in a lifetime opportunity. Furthermore the visibility is around a 100 meters. Can't wait to see that and capture it on camera! It will be a cold dive with water temperatures around 2°C - 4°C. All though it will not be my coldest ever, that record still holds on 1°C. It will be my very first dry suit dive in which I'll probably feel like a beginner all over again. Finding your buoyancy in a dry suit is completely different exercise than when diving with a wetsuit.

The dive center offered a one day tour which will cost me around ISK 34.990,-. When translating this to Euro's, as I'm no Icelander, it amounts to around € 187,-. No small amount for 1 day of diving, even when it includes all dive gear (dry suit and undergarment), transportation between the dive site and our accommodation, a guide and the parks entry fee. All though I find it quite expensive, I'll pay the price as I don't see myself visiting Iceland anytime soon again and I don't want to miss this opportunity. What are you willing to pay for a once in a lifetime experience?

Till the next story...

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