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Aruba here I come

KLM, the Royal Dutch Airlines, always offers the 'KLM World Deal Weeks' at the beginning of each year. During this time they offer enormous discounts on tickets to places all around the world. The beautiful island Aruba in the Dutch Caribbean will be our destination for a short but well needed scuba diving holiday. The island is surrounded by some spectacular wreck diving sites like the Antilla, Debbie 2, Pedernalis and the Sonesta Airplanes to name just a few.

On the 30th of January where flying to this island to discover some of these beautiful dive sites ourselves. The water temperature is around 28 C with a visibility of around 20 meters. What do you want more?! We will be diving with S.E.Aruba Fly 'n Dive on recommendation of a friend. All though it's possible to make shore dives, you'll need a boat to reach the more interesting (read wrecks) dive sites.

Normally when you have a week, it means with arrival, departure and the '24 hour no diving when flying rule' you only have 5 days of diving. I'm one lucky bastard as our flight schedule is so nice I can squish in one extra day of diving. Our plan will be to dive in the morning, be back around 14.00 at the hotel and then lay at the beach or discover the island the rest of the afternoon. Everything is booked and all that remains is counting down the days!

Can't wait to share the next story...

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