Dutch people are called back from Sharm el Sheikh because of negative travel advice

Last night our secretary of Foreign Affairs gave a 'negative' travel advice for the region Sharm el Sheikh and Dahab in Egypt. All Dutch people currently there are being flown back to Holland today. According to a Dutch new site (NOS.nl) where talking about a 1000 people, a shadow of the numbers visiting before 2011. Germany gave the same advice already last Wednesday. Other countries, Like Great Britain haven't changed their travel advice till now.

The biggest group of tourists is nowadays Russian. For them it's a relatively cheap holiday to a sunny location without having to sit in a airplane for long. In some hotels and dive centers the main language has become Russian and some shops even offer a rich diversity of vodka's.

Because of all the developments in Egypt of late, even the relative quiet area of Sinai has seen a dramatic setback in tourism. Most hotels run on half force or are even closed. Personal has been fired and it doesn't seem that the situation is changing for the best anytime soon.

For now the Russian Ministery of Foraign Affairs hasn't given a negative travell advice yet. However, when and if they do, this will have an devastating impact on the remaining tourism industry in Egypt.

I can only hope it won't come this far and that the situation will change for the better soon. The people with whom I dived there don't deserve this and I hope they are all okay!

Source: NOS.nl (a Dutch news site)

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