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Iceland = Expensive diving

When scuba diving in Iceland an dry suit is mandatory. At least that's what I was told by the scuba dive center I contacted. As my dry suit diving record still holds on '0' dives I was enthusiastic about doing my dry suit specialty course at the same time. After the response from the dive center however I have changed my mind.

Of course I was warned about the high prices when looking into the Silfra scuba diving tour. ISK 34.990 or around €190,- is a lot of money for one day of scuba diving. Even when it includes all dive gear (dry suit and undergarment), transportation between the dive site and our accommodation, a guide and the parks entry fee.

The cost of the PADI dry suit specialty is ISK 54.990 in Iceland (€ 300,-), not including the course manual. This is the summer package for during winter time, you'll pay ISK 74.990 (€ 410,-) for the same course. Only then they will spread the course over two days. Perhaps some of you think: "What are you complaining about. That's not expensive, wait till you'll be diving in my country.". Just for good reference I'll make a comparison with a dive center in Holland. This is on average around € 160,- and includes the course manual and rental material. And the above price is an average, because the cheapest dive center offered the same course (all included) at € 139,-.

That means that scuba diving in Iceland is expensive hobby! Are there any Icelandic scuba divers out there who disagree?

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