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My top 10 dives worldwide

During my dives I have come across a couple of dive sites that where just amazing! It is hard to formulate a top ten, because not all sites are comparible. For example, I dived during wintertime on a Dutch dive site and I will never forget this dive. The water had a deep green colour, the sunlight shined through the water and illuminated the artificial reefballs which where completely white. It was like walking through a white forest. But how can I compare this experience with the beautiful dive on the wreck Thistlegorm in Egypt. Clear blue waters, loads of marine live and a spectacular wreck.

To summarize... The list below is formulated on my experience with the dive and has nothing to do with how the mass public names it. Every country, ocean and dive site has it's own beautiful memories and these are the ones that where shared with me.

Nr. Dive site Country City  Year  Sort of dive  Visuals 
1 The Thistlegorm Ras Rohammed national park  Egypt Sharm el Sheik   2012 Wreck dive  Yes
2 Silfra Iceland Reykjavik  2014 Winter dive  Yes
3 Bell's Blue Hole Egypt Dahab  2011 Drift dive  No
4 Den Osse Kerkweg Netherlands Den Osse  2011 Winter dive  No
5 Sonesta Airplanes Aruba Oranjestad  2014 Wreck Dive  Yes
6 Superior Producer Curacao Willemstad  2011 Wreck dive  No
7 Little Curacao Curacao Willemstad  2011 Drift dive  No
8 Cedar Pride Jordan Aqaba  2013 Wreck dive  Yes

As you can see the list is not complete yet. But then again I'm still diving and I'm open to suggestions in the comments.

Till the next story...

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