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Last week I went diving with dive center Dive.is on the famous dive site Silfra in Iceland. Below is my review about this dive center. It was an amazing experience to dive during wintertime on this site. Read the full review below.

Staff (expertise/ professional / friendliness)
The staff was very friendly from the moment of pick up till the moment I was dropped off again at my appartment. They where also very helpful with setting up our gear and helping getting in our gear.

Our guide also gave an extensive briefing on the dive profile and what we could expect. He also gave a good briefing on the difference of diving with a dry suit instead of diving with a wetsuit.

Rental equipment
I dived with a dry suit from Bare and a BCD from Buddy O. All gear was well maintaned, which is also necessary because of the harsh conditions they are used in. I have never heard of the brand 'Buddy O', but the bdc did it's job.

Price versus quality
This is a tricky question. I paid around € 230,- euros for two dives, including pick up from my apartment, rental gear and a cup of hot chocolate. All though Iceland is a more expensive country then the Netherlans I found this price quite high. However it doesn't differ from other dive centers or tour operators.

The questions is 'What are you willing to pay to scuba dive on this unique location?'.

Dive shop
I've visited the dive center and they had a few items there for sale, but its not really worth the name shop.

Dive sites
I only visited the dive site Silfra. However, the guide told me that they dive 95% of their time on this site. The site was definitely unique because you dive between two tectonic plates and the visibility of around 100 meters. You can even drink the water, it's that pure. But all you will see are rocks and that's it. There isn't any marine life. So it's only the thought of diving between the two tectonic plates which makes it so unique.

Taking everything in regard I recommend diving with this dive center. You'll have a great day, guaranteed.

Contact informationdiveis
Name: Dive.is
Telephone: +354 663 2858
E-mail: dive@dive.is
Website: http://www.dive.is/

Scuba diving Silfra Iceland
Scuba diving Silfra Iceland
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