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Silfra – the number one dive site in Iceland

Silfra, the most spectacular dive site in Iceland. It is renown because it's the only place in the world where you can dive between two tectonic plates. To be exact the North American and Eurasian plates. During the dive you can even touch the two plates simultaneously. And it's on this dive site I've made two amazing dives last week.

Fully dressed for the experience, which means thermal underwear and warm clothes, I was picked up by diving center at 09.30. After two more pick ups we where off to Thingvellir national park where the dive site is located. It is around an hour drive and in the meanwhile you can enjoy the spectacular views of the surrounding area. I can tell you now, you won't get bored.

When we reached the dive site we could see it was a busy day. In total there where around 15 small buses with divers and snorkelers. While talking to our guide I learned that they dived on Silfra 95% of their time! He couldn't even remember diving in the ocean anymore. So I wasn't joking when I said it is the most popular dive site in Iceland.

We walked to the entrance of the dive site itself and our guide briefed us on the dive profile and what we could expect. The water temperature was around 2 degrees Celsius, an estimated dive time of around 35 minutes and the 250 meter walk back to the bus in freezing winds. You have to love winter diving.

Now it was time to get ready and put our gear on. My first time diving in a dry suit. quite an experience and totally different to diving in a wetsuit. Especially keeping my buoyancy was a challenge. This is also the reason why the video isn't as stable as I would have liked. But I'll tell you about my dry suit experiences in a different post.

In total I made two dives and only got the change to film a little bit of material. Because of the cold the batteries of my Go Pro where empty really fast. Especially the freezing winds after the dive made us look forward to the warm tea and coffee after the dives.

For now just enjoy the video and get an impression what it is like to scuba dive on Silfra.

Scuba diving Silfra in Iceland
Scuba diving Silfra in Iceland
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