Top 10 dive sites in Europe

I'm sitting on my couch thinking of the title 'Top 10 dive sites in Europe'. I'm not the first one to make such a list and probably I will not be the last. So what is the best approach to make such a list and why make one in the first place. Let's start with answering the last question. I'm making one because it's fun to do so and because I want to know more about possible dive locations in Europe. As to the part how I'm going to tackle this list, well...

I've started my search with typing in the exact title in Google and watched what happened. Well you didn't see that one coming did you :) I found several lists, including from some G+ friends, +Torben Lonne from, +Rutger Thole from Book your dive and +Jill Studholme from Scuba Travel.

When going through the different top ten lists I noticed that they don't exactly match. Some dive sites are on all the lists, others are named only once and from some which I expected to be on a list are not named at all. First thing I've done is checking which dive sites are on all the lists.

  • The Zenobia, Cyprus
  • Secca della colombara, Italy
  • The Booroo, Isle of Man
  • Diamond Rocks, Kilkee, Ireland
  • Chios Island, Greece
  • The Blue Hole, Gozo, Malta
  • Orkney Islands, Scotland

All though some are impressive, I'm missing some important dive sites here in my opinion. I'm thinking of Croatia, especially in Istria known for its wreck diving. Also, perhaps less familiar but mentioned several times now on this blog, Iceland with the dive sites Silfra and Strytan. Norway and Spain also have some amazing dive sites and last but not least is Turkey.

While trying to decide which dive site should be on the first place I come to the decision this is an impossible task. I can’t say I’ve been to all the dive sites, so I can’t base it on a personal choice. I don’t want to just stick a number to a site I haven’t been to or just yell something I can’t back up.
Where does that leave me and my list of lists. Well let’s say that the list doesn’t have any numbers and the dive sites below are the ones most famous in Europe. Where some are more known then others. Also you can’t compare scuba diving in Scotland with Malta. It’s just a totally different experience.

 Nr.  Dive sites  Country  Nr.  Dive Sites  Country
 1  Orkney islands  Scotland 7  The Blue Hole  Malta
  The Zenobia  Cyprus 8  Silfra & Strytan  Iceland
 3 The Booroo  Isle of Man 9  Secca della colombara  Italy
 4  The island Chios  Greece 10  Istria  Croatia
5  Diamond Rock's Kilkee  Ireland 11 Costa Brava  Spain
6 Lofoten islands  Norway 12 Kaş  Turkey

In total the top ten list exists of twelve dive sites and I think it’s still not complete. Let’s say it’s a good start…

So what dive sites in Europe am I missing. Comment people and I'll add them to the list.

Till the next story...

Dives sites and country from the comments:
- Farnes Islands, England
- Zeeland (province), Netherlands
- Denmark, no specific sites available yet

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