What do you think of the PADI community ‘ScubaEarth’?

Recently I signed myself up for ScubaEarth and created a profile. After being reminded by PADI over and over about it's existence I thought: "well lets check it out.'. This was three weeks ago and today, while writing this post, is the first time I logged in again. During all this time nothing has happened and to be honest, I don't get it. The platform that is. I am a social media manager during my day time job. So you would think I have a basic understanding of how most social media platforms work. But I don't get this one.

According to ScubaEarth themselves the platform is meant to:

"ScubaEarth® is an online scuba resource and social community for divers and other water lovers. It’s a robust, one-stop site to research, plan and share dive experiences. ScubaEarth hosts everything from current weather and dive conditions to photos and videos for those constantly craving scuba snacks."

Well something is going wrong here. When I log in I get the feeling I'm the only person there. I don't see any other posts from other people sharing their passion and joy about scuba diving. I don't see any suggestion about divers I may possible know? (They could to this on country criteria.) I don't even see an easy link to find scuba news or other related contend. The whole platform is just not intuitive.

Furthermore I came across some trouble filling in my new profile. My favorite PADI dive center isn't in their database. So now I'm stuck with another one in the region, because it's mandatory to have one linked to your profile. Also am I missing some certifications and the admin with whom I would automatically connect is nowhere to be found in my connections.

I'm really not sure what the benefit is off this platform in regard to Facebook or Google+ through which I keep in contact with scuba divers all over the world and whicht are way easier to use then ScubaEarth. In my opinion they still have a lot to learn from the bigger boys out there. But maybe this is just my experience. I would love to hear different stories about the platform.

What are your experiences with the ScubaEarth community?

p.s.: If you like to connect you can find me on ScubaEarth by searching on my name 'sebastiaan van aard'.

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  1. i downloaded it 3 weeks ago and setup a profile and have played around with it for a few hours since then. I find it pretty useless. Terrible user-interface, slow, buggy…really nothing to recommend it…a waste of time and space.

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