My new underwater camera: the limited edition Sport HD Edge from Intova

As I wrote in an earlier post and as you presumably noticed I participated in the photo competition of +Intova. Thanks to your help I was able to get the most votes and win this contest. My price... The limited edition Sport Edge underwater camera! Before this contest I was only familiar with the Go Pro action camera, so I'm very curious to the specs of this camera and to the differences between them. Unfortunately I don't have the camera yet, all though I can't wait for my first dive. In this post I want to check out the specs of this camera. After I have made some dives with my new camera I'll write a more detailed review about it and compare it to my current Go Pro 2.

"Small and compact, Sport HD EDGE offers full 1080p High Definition Video with a 160 degree wide angle lens. This design allows the maximum view angle without the significant distortion found in wider lens angles. Built in WiFi allows the user to operate and see what is on the viewfinder remotely on a laptop, tablet, or smart phone and also to enable wireless file transfer."

This is how +Intova describes the (limited edition) Sport HD Edge on their website. At the moment I haven't seen the camera in real life, so I can't give you any real claims. However looking at the reviews on their Facebook page I didn't come across any negative responses. This makes me just more curious to this little power machine.

Let's take a closer look at the main specs:

  • Video Resolution: multiple resolutions with the highest 1080p at 30fps
  • Photo Resolution: 14MP, 11MP, 8MP and 5MP
  • Super wide angle lens at 160 degrees
  • Digital Zoom: 60x or 10X
  • Uses same filters and lenses as Sport HD II (couldn't find which filters these are, hope it's in the manual.)
  • Waterproof to 60M (200 feet)
  • Flat optical-glass lens port with Water-repellent & Anti-Reflection coating
  • WiFi: remote operation and viewfinder, wireless file transfer (with smart phone app)
  • Picture in Video

What sounds great
Taking in the specs above I think my most favorite feature will be 'picture in video'. Currently I'm always switching between modes on my Go Pro or taking stills from my video's. Taking a picture during filming just sounds great! Furthermore I'm curious to the 160 degrees wide angle lens and the wifi options.

For now I'll have to wait patiently till the camera has been delivered. Which can take a while as +Intova is on Hawaii and I live on the other side of the world in Holland :) I'll keep you posted about my experiences and the performance of the (limited edition) Sport HD edge camera.

If you have any experiences with the the camera, I'd love to hear about them!

the limited edition Sport HD Edge from Intova
the limited edition Sport HD Edge from Intova
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