The Tribord Easybreath Diving Mask

I think you all know the following feeling. With a steaming cup of coffee in hand your scrolling through your Google+ or Facebook timeline (or any other) in the morning to see if anything happened while you where a sleep. Boring post after boring post cludders your timeline and suddenly you see a weird photo. Still blinking your eyes you scroll back and see: Yes the picture on the left! I quickly googled it and read about a new innovation in snorkling masks. I present to you: 'The Tribord Easybreath Diving Mask'

As a diver I don't have that much trouble with snorkling, but I have quite some friends that do. The complaints I hear are always the same. They have difficulty breathing under water, they find it unnatural to breath through the mouth and the annoying feeling of the snorkel in your mouth.

According to the Tribord website they heard the same complaints many times over and they decided to do something about it. The first ever full facial snorkeling mask which allows you the breath under water just as normal as when your on the beach. For us scuba divers it may look familiar, at least it does to me. I find it takes after the full facial divers mask. All though it may be clear this mask has some different properties.

The EasyBreath mask allows you to inhale and exhale through your nose. And because of a double air flow system the mask won't fog up. Water can't enter the snorkel because of a special mechanism that plugs the snorkel when immersed in water and the mask gives you a 180° vision. The mask has a silicone skirt and polypropylene rim for an easy and comfortable fit.

The Easybreath mask will come to all Decathlon stores in the spring of 2014 with two different adult sizes in multiple colors. A kids version is due to come out in 2015. The mask will cost €39.95.

Wouldn't you want to try this one?? I know I would...

The Tribord Easybreath Diving Mask
The Tribord Easybreath Diving Mask
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