A short impression of the Dutch marine life (1)

Some of you don't understand why someone willingly wants to dive in cold waters like those in Holland. Others living in the same climate as me understand you will dive anywhere, just to get your dose of weekly scuba rush. Besides it's not that I have any choice, except moving to the Dutch Caribbean. All though scuba diving in the Netherlands is definitely not the same as diving in Red or Caribbean Sea, it has it's own beauty and adventure!

Diving in the Netherlands has it's challenges. With a visibility of 5 meters and maybe if your lucky 8 meters, your much more dependable on your instruments and knowledge about your dive site. I often had a dive where visibility dropped within seconds from 'just fine' to 'crap where's my buddy gone to'. However despite the more hard conditions the underwater scenery has a robust landscape which has it's own beauty.

Enormous lobsters in dark blue shiny colors, a variety of different crabs, a swarm of jelly fish, red seaweed as far as the I can see and I can keep going. Instead I'm offering you a short impression of some of my more recent dives in Holland with the video below. It's a compilation of two dive locations: Kabbelaar and Bommenede. Both locations are in the Grevelingen Lake. The first location was on a small wreck called 'Zeehond' and the second on a location which not many divers visit and offers quite a diversity in marine life.


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