Best scuba diving Sunday till now

Last Sunday I had a great day of scuba diving. I got up early in the morning, around 08.00 O'Clock. Oke, early for a Sunday ;) I packed my gear and went of to my favorite diving area in the province Zeeland. It was beautiful day, I even got a small sunburn. I made three dives in which I finally got the change to test my new scuba gear, the limited edition of the Sport Edge from Intova and my scuba lamp the Mares Eos R10. Furthermore we went in search for some sepiola's, who are rumored to be spotted.

I'll write a full review of both items another time. First I want to make a couple of more dives with them to fully understand there capabilities. However, I can give you a first indication of course. Despite having made three dives on three different locations we didn't came across a single Sepiola. I know they should be out there at the moment, around 5 meters in the more sandy area's, but to no prevail. They managed to stay hidden from our searching eyes.

But this didn't spoil our day. We came across more then enough other interesting marine life. You can
think of very big North Sea Crabs, lobsters, large shrimps, jelly fish, spider crabs and several limpets. Unfortunately the visibility wasn't that good. The water was flooded with white flakes, I presume algae, to even a depth of 15 meters.

My new scuba lamp was really amazing. He wasn't fully charged so I was only able to use it a short while. Even during this short time I came to the conclusion that I made the right choice during my search for a a new lamp. The new camera I won with the photo competition of Intova also performed well. I did encounter some minor usability points. For example the view screen would just shut off, even during filming. However, the Sport Edge has many settings which you can set to your own preferences. I'll have to dive into this :)

For now I'm just looking forward to tonight. First I'm having a meeting with Suunto to fill in the job description as Suunto Staffer and afterwards where going for a dive at Bergse Dieplsuis in search again for some Cuttlefish. Keep your fingers crossed...

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