It was a quiet weekend

I had great plans this weekend for some new scuba diving stories. Like going in search for some cuttlefish and visiting a mussel culture. All though all my plans where messed up by the Dutch weather. It has been raining, raining, and a bit more raining for the past few days. If it just had been the rain it wouldn't have been that bad. Despite the fact I hate to change into my wetsuit in the rain. The biggest spoiler was the wind this weekend. It has been blowing with storm force creating bigger waves which in turn created loads of sediment, which means visibility dropped to zero.

Luckily I met some divers who just came out of the water before I started changing into my wetsuit. They where able to warn me that visibility was that bad they couldn't even see there own gauges anymore. They had tried several depths, but this didn't help a bit. So I turned my car around and went back home.

This means I still owe you two stories. One about the cuttlefish, which are having a mating season at the moment. I hope I get the change to show you these elusive but beautiful animals. The second story will be about a scuba dive at a mussel culture. Imagine rows on rows of hanging mussels through which you can float and enjoy the view. I'm promising you already, it's an experience you don't want to miss.

As I'm travelling to London this week I won't get the change to dive this weekend. Lets hope the weather will be a bit better next week then even now.

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