Review of the scuba lamp: Mares Eos R10

When I say Mares, you're probably not thinking of scuba diving lamps but of BCD's, fins, masks and wetsuits. However this Italian brand also has a scuba diving lamp productline under the name 'Eos'. The biggest part of this line focusses on back-up lights, at least for Dutch waters. When diving in the Caribbean they are perfect primary lamps. The flagship of Mares is the Eos R10, which happens to be my new scuba lamp.

With the Eos 2c, Eos3 and Eos5 Mares offers really good quality torches against reasonable prices. However scuba diving in the Netherlands brings certain challenges with it and your primary lamp needs a bigger punch. The Eos R10 offers exactly what I need.

Technical details
- 1000 Lumen
- 150 minutes burn time
- equal light intensity during whole burn time
- rechargeable battery
- No O-rings
- Weight ... Kg

The pro's
Meanwhile I've made a couple of dives with the Eos R10 and it definitely holds up to what's being promised. Till now I've got a 1000 lumen for every minute of burn time. I was able to make three dives of around 45 minutes each. The lamp itself is easy to store away in your bcd side pockets or to a D-ring. The lamp is nicely balanced an because of this it's easy to hold in your hands during the whole dive. The lamp has a narrow beam, which is perfect for Dutch diving conditions as we have a lot of sediment. Broad beams would only be reflected back and blind you.

What am I missing?
There are certain aspects that offer room for improvement. I would love an option of 50% power. It would improve burn time and you just don't always need a 1000 lumen. I warning that the battery is almost empty would also be nice. At the moment, the lamp just switches off. This can be nasty when your in a situation you really need your light. With a warning you have to time to get your back-up lamp ready. Last but not least, a indicator when charging the lamp which tells you the lamp is fully charged. For now I'm just charging it for a whole night.

All in all I'm happy with my new scuba diving lamp, the Mares Eos R10. The lamp fits my needs and does what is being promised. What else do you want as a diver?

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