Review of the scuba lamp: Metalsub KL 1242 LED2000

Sometimes it's all about what's in a name. In this case I'm referring to the LED light with 2000 lumen. This weekend I got the chance to make a dive with this power beast and it was quite experience. To give a little bit of a mood setting. Imagine the cold waters of the North Sea (Grevelingen lake), a concrete wreck around 57 meters long on a depth of 25 meters and a visibility of around 1 meter. Sounds like a situation you love to have that 2000 lumen doesn't it.

It's the same dive location where I tested the Metalsub XL 13.2 1500 lumen during my search for a scuba diving lamp. The difference between the two lamps is not just 500 lumen, the KL 1242 is a cable lamp whereas the XL 13.2 is a handheld lamp. I know I already made my choice in a new scuba diving lamp, I even ordered it already. I just couldn't resist the opportunity to try this one out.

I have made quite some dives on the wreck 'Le serpent' as it is called, but this one ranks in the top of the worst situations ever. As we descended along the mooring line of the buoy the visibility dropped with every meter. Reaching 25 meters of depth my buddy was a mere shadow only a meter away. Within the wreck the darkness was complete, the only thing I saw of him was his scuba diving light.

The Cable Lamp
Before this starts to sound as one of my adventure stories, back to the performance of the Metalsub lamp. The KL 1242 has a separate battery pack which I attached to my scuba tank. Through a cable it provides the lamp with all the power it needs. The lamp itself I attached with a retractable clip to my BCD. The advantage of the cable lamp is that you only carry the lamp and not the battery. This way the lamp is very light and easy to store away. I made two dives with the lamp with a total bottom time of 83 minutes. During this time the lamp never diminished in strength and kept the same power output.

On the end of the lamp there is a switch with which you control the power output. Sometimes it was a struggle to turn the switch with 6,5 mm gloves, but then again I'm not used to the lamp. If you make more dives with it, you'll probably get used to this. With 2000 lumen the lamp itself has a power output beyond amazing and it reaches the term absurd. During my search for my own scuba diving lamp I even encountered lamps with 5000 lumen. I just cannot fathom why you would need this.

This lamp will cost you (in Holland) around € 570,-. Not a bad deal at all in my opinion, but still a lot of money to spend. Below you see a short movie where I present the lamp underwater.

Handheld or cable lamp, if I'm honest there is something to say for both. All though when you want more then 1500 lumen, you'll always get a cable lamp, because you need a bigger battery pack. The question here is if you need that much lumen anyway. It really depends on where you dive. In Holland most divers will probably say yes, but when diving abroad that much lumen would definitely ruin the fun of my night dive.

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