Mussel culture - Netherlands

Scuba diving through a mussel culture

Most divers will know about the mussel, probably most of you will have tasted one also. In the Netherlands we love our mussels so much we even have special mussel farms. These farms produce the so called Blue Mussel which is even exported worldwide. A funny story about a friend of mine. He is just crazy about mussels and one time he was in a restaurant in Spain and saw on a menu a Spanish recipe with mussels. When he left the restaurant the door to the kitchen was open where he saw boxes where the mussel had been transported in. The mussel came from back home, the Dutch Blue Mussel. How about that traditional dish ;) This was the first time in my life I dived at a mussel farm and I'm definitely going to visit this place more often. It was one beautiful dive I made.

A long-line cultureBecause of this dive I did some background information about mussel farms and cultures. The dive site I visited is a hanging or long-line culture. A long-line is suspended by a series of small anchored floats and ropes or socks of mussels are then suspended vertically from the line. I was able to dive between these suspended lines and enjoy the view of a whole wall of mussels just hanging there. Beside the long-line culture, which is most commonly used nowadays, you also have the bouchot, on-bottom and raft culture. In Holland only the long-line culture is being used. In the video below I try to take you along on the dive and show you the most beautiful parts of the dive.

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