A night dive in Holland

Last weekend it was Pentecost or Whit Sunday with the prediction of beautiful weather. This meant packing up our dive gear, our tents and sleeping bags and we where off for a weekend of camping and diving. In the end the weather wasn't that spectacular as where most of the dives. Visibility was just terrible. Except for that very first dive! That was one amazing dive on a location we know very well, but which was now feeling totally new because it was pitch black. A night dive in Dutch waters...

At the moment the sun sets around 22.00 in the Netherlands and it will be dark after 22.30. As we planned a night dive we didn't want to go in the water when there was still light. So we had some time to put up our tents and enjoy a little bbq. We decided to have our night dive at a dive site me and my buddy are very familiar with, Den Osse Kerkweg. Reaching the dive location we saw we weren't the only divers here. In total there where 10 cars with divers coming in and out of the water. In the end we didn't encounter a single other diver.

We put on our gear and doubled checked our scuba lights. We got into the water and it was
immediately clear that this was going to be very different to scuba diving during the day. Within the first 5 minutes we already encountered 5 large lobsters on the hunt. The normally shy animals, who love to hide in their holes where know prowling the bottom of the sea in search for dinner.

We started of towards the artificial reef balls, normally buzzing with marine life they looked like a ghost town now. Abandoning the boring reef balls we quickly set off along the shore which exploded with marine life. Wherever we looked we encountered numerous lobster, enormous North Sea crabs and even an large fish, which is uncommon in the Grevelingen lake. No matter where we looked we saw nocturnal activity.

At a certain moment we found an empty patch of sand where we settled down, turned our lights off and started waving our arms. And that was when it happened... A galaxy of green stars just exploded around us. I've made multiple night dives around the world, but this was my very first in Holland and I never expected this. No other night dive did I ever see this many algae, it was mesmerizing to watch.

I just wish there was a way to show you my story from above. I did take my camera, but there is nothing to see but a black screen or a bright beam of light. Nothing which shows the experience we had. I can tell you this. This was our first night dive in Holland, but definitely not our last!

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