An introduction dive in Holland goes as followed

When booking the introduction dive for my three friends I made the arrangement we would be at the dive center at 08.30 am sharp. Luckily the dive center had some coffee ready, because we all needed it. The bbq the night before was just way to much fun and the alarm on my phone went way to early. Still we where all there, we even made it on time. After meeting our three instructors, each friend had his own instructor, the introduction in to scuba diving started.

I have accompanied three introduction dives till now and I've noticed they all differ from each other. Two of them where with a PADI orientated center and last weekend with a NOB dive center. NOB stands for 'Nederlandse Onderwatersport Bond' (Dutch Underwater sports League) and is a Dutch certification which has a totally different certification structure then PADI or SSI. But even between the PADI dive centers I've noticed differences.

Mainly the difference was in the theory intensity . Where one dive center even explained what happens to a diver while scuba diving (accumulation of nitrogen) and what happens when you ascend to fast, the other dive centers put their focus on the use of the equipment. Don't get me wrong, I found all three introduction dives more then adequate! So no worries there, but I found it interesting how the focus can shift per dive center which is important during an intro dive.

During this introduction dive the focus was mainly on the use of the equipment and we only took a swift glance at the theories behind it. Afterwards the dive center made sure everyone had a complete set which also fitted correctly.

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