First assignment as a ‘Suunto Pro Staffer’

The Suunto Pro Staffers team is made up off three buddy pairs. Where me and my buddy are recreational scuba divers the others are technical divers. We are really going to test each product from various angles. All though me and my buddy won't be making any extreme dives, we will be writing for the bigger part of the Dutch scuba community. As a Suunto Pro Staffer our jobs are to test products in the field and write about our experiences. This means really getting into the options a dive computer is offering and comparing each computer. As a Suunto fan already I'm really looking forward to the change to dive with the whole Suunto product range.

Suunto has two major product lines for dive computers, the D-series and the more robust dive computers like the Zoop and the Vyper Air. My buddy is going to explore the Zoop where I'm having the change to test the Vyper Air. I'm especially looking forward to testing the digital compass. As a Suunto D4i diver (instead of the D6i series) I have always been curious if this really works for a scuba diver.

This weekend, during my friends introduction dive, I'm going to test the Vyper Air. The dive site Den Osse Kerkweg is an ideal site for my first test. I won't be going any deeper then 8 meters, I'm well familiar with the dive site and usually the visibility is around 5 meters. I'm going to use the computer straight out of the box, without reading any manual. My first angle is to test how 'intuitive' the Vyper Air is. I'll keep you posted about my thoughts. For now... I'm going to get my gear ready for a relaxing weekend below water.

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