Review of the underwatercamera: The limited Sport Edge Edition from Intova

What to do if you have two underwater camera's available and you love scuba diving? Exactly, your going to compare the two with each other. That's what I did with my older Go Pro 2 and my recently acquired limited edition Sport Edge HD from +Intova. I took them both with me on the same adventure and tried both camera's in the same situation. I've compared both camera's on the following criteria: technical specs, usability and price. I also have a video which shows both camera's in action so you can make up your own mind. Let's take a closer look at the results.

Technical specs
First things first. Before I'm going to share my enlightened experiences with you, let's see what both companies have to say about their own products


GO Pro Hero - version 2 Intova: limited edition Sport Edge HD
Video resolution: 960p at 30fps Video Resolution: multiple resolutions with the highest 1080p at 30fps
Photo resolution: 11MP Photo Resolution: 14MP, 11MP, 8MP and 5MP
Wide angle lens of 170 degrees Super wide angle lens at 160 degrees
No digital zoom Digital Zoom: 60x or 10X
Waterproof up to 60 meters Waterproof up to 60M (200 feet)
No wifi WiFi: remote operation and viewfinder, wireless file transfer (with smart phone app)
Choose between picture or video Picture in Video

At first glance you would simply say that Intova wins in this category. To be honest, the Go Pro 2 is also somewhat older then the Sport Edge. The new Go Pro 3 has most of the technical details the Intova camera is showing. But yes... where comparing the 2 and not the Hero 3. What piques my interest however is the 'picture in video' option with the Sport Edge camera. That's something I was definitely missing with my Go Pro.

Usability / My Experiences
In usability or user friendliness there is a big difference between the two. The Sport Edge HD wins big in this category! First of all the easy acces and clear overview of the menu settings is just a relief. The menu settings are easily navigated and offer you a whole bunch of options to set to your specific preferences. In the Go Pro 2 this is absolutely a pain in the ass. I found the Intova camera easy to control underwater. The main reason for this is that the Sport Edge has several buttons to operate the camera, whereas the Go Pro has only two.

The only negatives of the Sport Edge have both to do with the LCD screen. First, it's to small. When scuba diving it's often hard to see what your filming and the small screen isn't helping a bit. Secondly, the LCD screen is to bright, which means when you turn the camera up or down during filming or making a photo, you wont see what's on the screen anymore. That a definite big disappointment. As in diving you often have to turn the camera to find the best option to shoot your photo or video.

Below you can find a short video in which you can see both camera views at the same time. The biggest differences are in color and in the fact that the Sport Edge seems to zoom in more.

I found the Sport Edge HD for a price around € 250,-. When you compare this to a Go Pro it's a major price difference. Of course the Go Pro starts around the same price, but with Go Pro you need to buy every accessory separately. For example the LCD screen. In the end this makes the Go Pro definitely more expensive.

Despite the negative feeling about the LCD screen of the Sport Edge, I can recommend the camera from Intova. Both have plus and negatives, but in the end the Intova camera is just cheaper then the Go Pro and offers the same options and quality.

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