Scuba diving in the Netherlands

Taking 3 friends on an introduction dive in Holland

This weekend I'm off again for some scuba diving in Zeeland. However, this time I'm going with three friends who have never dived before. Well one did a intro dive in Greece last year, but you can't compare that with an intro dive in Holland. The four of us decided it was time to meet each others hobbies and I'm first with taking them on an introduction dive in Holland. How about that for a weekend adventure.

They think they know what they can expect. After watching my video's and hearing my stories about what it's like to dive in the green waters of the North Sea. They heard me talk enough about cold water temperatures (18 degrees Celsius at the moment, not that cold), visibility of 5 meters (if they are lucky) and heavy gear to take over the dikes (especially on your way back). Well knowing and experiencing are two totally different things. Can't wait to see the look on their faces. Will it be one of pure anxiety or pure joy?

It took some searching for a new scuba dive center, as all instructors at Dolphins where already booked. On their advice I went with diving center 'De Dijk'. If my phone call is an impression of what to expect, then it's going to be a fun day! Talked 5 minutes about the booking and 15 minutes about our last dives.

We will be starting at 08.30 in the morning with a cup of coffee and some theory lessons. After that they can fit their wetsuits and bcd's and then it's off to the dive site 'Den Osse Kerkweg'. Lucky them, one of my favorite diving sites in the Grevelingen lake. If they survive their first dive, they can make a second one. They will be guided 1-on-1 by their instructors with me hovering on the side. I hope to have their very first dive on camera. A memory to take home...

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