The Ocean Cleanup project is feasible!

Can you remember an old blog post of mine about 'The Ocean Cleanup' project? On the 3rd of June, after a year of silence, the project team gave a press release on their feasibility study. Our seas and oceans are polluted by millions of tons of plastic debris, and this number is rising with each passing year. This plastic reaches the sea through rivers and waterways and accumulates in places known as ‘gyres’. The Ocean Cleanup project, in my opinion the most interesting and most promising project out there, has found a solution to cleanup these gyres.

"The conclusions of the study mark the end of the first phase of the project in which the assumption that a cleanup of the infamous ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ is impossible has been disproven. Within ten years’ time, almost half of the plastic could be removed." ~ Source official press release

I think is an amazing answer to our problems and I'm keeping track of their adventures solving the challenges they meet to make this a reality. They are now entering the second phase of this project, in which they want to realize a fully operational pilot of the idea. At the moment they are using a crowd-funding project to raise $ 2.000.000,- to be able to put phase two into practice. They could use our help with this.

Help The Ocean Cleanup project with cleaning up our seas from plastic pollution. You can back up the project with a mere $ 6,21.

>> Fund The Ocean Cleanup project

For more information on this project:

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