Scuba Diving and Barcelona

Last weekend I met my scuba diving uncle on a birthday party and no not mine ;) As always we quickly started talking about our latest scuba adventures. He just came back from a holiday in Spain, to be more precise the Medes Islands in the Costa Brava near Barcelona. His enthusiasm sparked my interest. I've been to Barcelona once, but I never got a chance to make a dive. What did I exactly miss out on?

When checking out Google maps I quickly saw that the Medes Islands are located just a mile off the coast in front of L’Estartit beach and the town of L’Estartit is only a short two-hour drive away from Barcelona, or a 1hr and 51 min train ride from the Catalan capital, according to travel search site GoEuro. Barcelona is a great location for a city holiday by the way. I had a fantastic time there and always said I would go back. Very high on my wish list is still a road trip alongside the coastline of Spain. These islands are definitely on my 'stopping list' now.

The Medes Islands are an archipelago of several smaller islands and islets. It's rumored to be one of the best Mediterranean dive locations. According to the enthusiasm of my uncle when he is talking about the place and the fact that it's a marine nature reserve since the 1990's I can believe this straight away. Just reading about the dive location sketches a dive filled with marine life, colorful corals and even the possibility of encountering dolphins. If you are that lucky!

There are many dive centers present (mainly PADI) on the islands and in L'Estratit and even more dive sites for you to enjoy. It doesn't matter which level of experience you have, for each diver there is something present. I asked my uncle for his favorite dives there:

• Pedra de Peu - A wall dive with depths till 35 meters.
• Cow Cave - A sort of tunnel/ cave you enter at 14 meters and exit at 20 meters depth.
• Dolphin Cave - A cave with a statue of a dolphin at the entrance and the possibility to visit a small extra chamber in the cave.

It's mainly the way that he described the dives that just makes me wish I was there.

Last but not least I found a video for you on Youtube to enjoy some of the scenery :)

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