The worlds largest underwater theme park planned in Dubai

In a few years there will be one more reason to visit Dubai besides the large malls, the man made Palm Island and the great skyscrapers. A man made adventure called the 'Pearl of Dubai', a five-acre underwater wonderland inspired by the "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Avatar" films. When finished, it'll look similar to the legendary lost city of Atlantis. The park will be placed in the shallow waters of the world islands development off the coast of Dubai. The park is being developed by Reef Worlds*, a Los Angeles-based underwater tourism design company.

To be honest I've never thought about Dubai as a holiday location. Several of my friends have been there and I get the same response every time: "It was nice to go there and to have seen some of the big building projects we hear about on the Discovery channel and to walk through the massive malls. But it's an expensive country and after a few days you've seen everything there is to see."

Personally when I think of Dubai I think of man made stuff and in the extreme. The biggest malls in the world, the highest skyscraper in the world, a golf course in the desert, surfing paradise in a swimming pool and to top everything a man made island. Oke... that last thing is quite impressive and I'm feeling a patriotic here as the Dutch where the leading part in it's creation.

However, a man made underwater theme park. It's not my first choice for a scuba diving holiday. I don't even like theme parks above water! Personally I think I will look for other places in the world for my scuba diving adventures. I still have enough places on my wish list. Despite my initial reaction I do hope to park will add a new marine habitat, restoring the reef and marine life. So far they haven't given an indication when the park will be ready, so we will have to wait and see what the future holds.

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