Scuba diving center Dolphins

Dive center review: Dolphins

I've made my very first guided scuba dive in the Netherlands with them, I've rented all my equipment there until I bought my complete scuba set in their store and after five years I'm still coming here for a cup of coffee and to fill my tanks whenever I'm in the neighborhood. I'm talking about the best dive center in the Netherlands 'Dolphins (Go Dolphins)'. I always write a review about every dive center I've dived with and this one has been overdue for a very long time.

I found Dolphins through the internet in a Dutch jungle of dive centers. I'm not kidding in this instance, Holland has loads and loads of dive centers available. They took me on my first scuba adventure in Holland and the friendliness and professionalism made sure I came back. Let's take a closer look at the review criteria.

Staff (expertise/ professional / friendliness)
The staff is always very friendly and they take their time for you. Even wen it's busy they never give you the feeling your to much trouble. After five years of visiting this dive center I'm convinced of their professionalism. I've even taken my mother and girlfriend for an introduction dive with them, at the same time... That should say enough ;) Whenever possible they will help you with any dive related problems you encounter. They've assisted me many times with small fixes for my gear or with advice for new gear. Even to the point the owner loaned me her personal scuba lamp for a try out.

Scuba diving center Dolphins
Scuba diving center Dolphins

Rental equipment
Before buying my complete scuba set in their store I rented all my gear for more then 2,5 years. I've never encountered, not even once, faulty equipment during this time. They maintain their scuba gear very well and when something is broken they repair or replace it.

Price versus quality
Sometimes it was necessary to rent my equipment somewhere else, because Dolphins was closed or I went scuba diving somewhere else in the Netherlands. Till now every other dive center was more expensive then Dolphins. The price versus quality is extremely good.

Dive shop
In the dive center they also have a shop where they sell all scuba equipment and clothing. They have two fitting rooms where you can try out new wetsuits for example. They offer everything dive related. From small gear to large specific dive suitcases.

Dive sites
The dive center is located in Brouwershaven, near the Grevelingen lake. All along the Grevelingen Lake there are several dive sites. The closest one is only a 5 minute drive, Den Osse Kerkweg and Den Osse Haven. Beside the Grevelingen lake you can also go diving in the Oosterschelde. Furthermore the owner has written a guide book about the different dive sites in the Netherlands (and in the Caribbean). In this book every site is extensively described complete with maps and a route description how to get there. I've taken this book on many adventure.

In all honesty the fact that I've been coming here for the last five years says enough. Whenever you're in Holland and you want to make a dive. Just visit this dive center, you'll not regret it. I see dolphins as my 'dive' home away from home.

Contact information

Scuba diving center Dolphins

Scuba diving center Dolphins

Name: Dolphins
Telephone: +31 111 69 51 05

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