Lake Baikal Russia

Scuba diving center in lake Baikal (Russia) – Part 4

After three weeks of traveling I'm back home and looking back at one amazing holiday. Traveling from Sint Petersburg to Peking (Beijing) in China by train was quite the experience. However one part was a big disappointment. I was really looking forward to go scuba diving in lake Baikal in Russia. Unfortunately this was the only part that didn't go through. At forehand I had checked with the traveling agency for a scuba diving center. They told me I could (only) arrange everything when arriving in Listvyanka, the town at the shores of Lake Baikal. I've spent quite some time finding an option for a scuba diving center, there is almost no information available. In this post some more information on the dive center I found.

Arriving in the small village Listvyanka our guide told me to visit the dive center that same day. It would only be open that day. After checking in our hotel I followed the directions our guide gave me and went in search for the dive center. After a 15 minute walk we where in front of a closed door. In hope that the persons where perhaps out for a lunch we took one ourselves at an opposite restaurant. However when we came back after a hour the dive center was stilled closed. In the end I e-mailed (still waiting for a response) and called them, but to no prevail.

Al though I can't give you a description of my own experiences I can at least make sure that you don't need to go looking for a dive center there as I did. Listvyanka is the town where most tourists end up and the following dive center is the only one in the town and even in the neighborhood.

Lake Baikal Russia
Lake Baikal Russia

They have a website with an English translation, what is already a big deal for a Russian company. In English the dive center is called 'Three Dimensions Baikal'. The main dive center is located in Irkutsk, a hour drive from Listvyanka, where there is a small sub dive center.

664046 Russia, IrkutskUlitsa Fridrikha Engelsa, 33
Mobile: 58-75-75 (Eng)TEL: + 7(3952) 29-04-34 (Rus)
Website: (English)
Certificate: IANTD focused

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