My stories: ‘What does scuba diving mean to me’

This is my 5th story in a series of personal scuba diving adventures since I got my PADI certificates. I've already told you about several scuba memories and adventures. However, what does scuba diving really mean to me or to you? A personal question which probably will have a different answer for each of you. As long as I can remember I have always had a connection with the sea. Even as a kid I just loved going to the beach and just stare out at the waves and passing ships. When I grew older this connection just got stronger and stronger.

Whenever I was at a low or needed to make a big decision you could find me at the ocean. It would always help me think and make me feel better. To learn to scuba dive was nothing more then the next logical step. It just took some time before I knew that myself.

Scuba diving in the Caribbean, Iceland, the Red Sea or just here in plain old Holland, it doesn't matter. I always get that amazing feeling of doing something you really love. It all starts already in the morning, the anticipation while packing my gear. The smell of the sea, the salt in the air, when you get out of the car at the dive site. Standing on the dike doing the briefing for the upcoming dive while the wind is blowing through your hair and you have a warm cup of coffee in hand. Setting up your gear, making sure everything is in order during the double check. I even love the smell of my wetsuit. Then comes the jump into the water, the cold water creeping in your wetsuit... okay okay, who's kidding who, that's just plain annoying, especially in the middle of winter.

However the part I love the most is the moment you submerge. The world above falling away while the silence gathers around you. I always say that scuba diving is the same as meditating. It gives me the same calm and peaceful feeling. The only sound is that of your own breathing. When having sufficient mastery of your buoyancy you just glide through the water. Not just in the water, but becoming a part of the world you're visiting.

Often people ask me why I go scuba diving in Holland as it's cold and the visibility is bad. I won't deny that scuba diving in warm waters with 40 meters visibility isn't more relaxing than when I'm in my 7mm here in Holland. But that special feeling isn't adherent to the warm waters and the more colorful corals and fish. Even scuba diving in my wetsuit in the middle of winter I get the same feeling of joy.

The best choice I've ever made was to learn how to scuba dive!

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