Stormy Grevelingen lake

A drift dive in Holland

t doesn't happen often, a current in the Grevelingen lake strong enough to make our dive a drift dive. Luckily me and my buddy where expecting it and we have some experience with drift dives. The current was created by powerful storm with wind speeds up to 80 á100 km/ hour. It had been some time since my last drift dive and it was nothing as spectaculair as that one.

Drifting alongside a sheer corall wall at 25 meters depth and the big blue behind you. Just sitting (Budda style) and watching the reef go by. Still it was nice to have a small drift dive here in the Grevelingen lake. The only thing we had to watch out for was not drifting past our exit point. Otherwise we would have been in trouble as we would have been surfacing in front of a harbor inlet. Not the safest place for a diver! Also forbidden to scuba dive and surface in Holland. If you surface in a shipping lane without good reason the police can (and will) confiscate every scuba gear you have and you'll get an impressive fine.

The only way to prevent this from happening was to make sure we knew where we where all the time. As the visbility is limited in Dutch waters you have to navigate by multiple means. First off al your compass, secondly on the terrain you encounter and last a mental image from above to keep track in your mind where you are. It's the combination of all three which make sure you know you'll surface safely. A small but a very fun adventure.

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