A story about Intova customer service

A few months ago I entered an +Intova photograph competition and with a great photo (if I say so myself) and help from friends I was able to win. The main price, a brand new limited edition sport edge under water camera. However after a few dives my main price was showing some bugs. The screen went white while scuba diving and the camera wouldn't respond anymore. So I contacted the customer service from Intova in search for some help.

My initial request through Google+ which was acted on swiftly enough taking into account the time difference between Hawaïand the Netherlands. They pointed me in the direction of their customer service department. As my bug was one they had never heard about their very first and immediate response was that I should send my camera back to them. My vacation to Russia came a bit in the middle, but when I came back from holiday I had an e-mail they had found a quicker way to fix things. I could send my camera to a Dutch distributor and he would send it to Hawaï. As soon as it would be on the post, Intova would send me a brand new camera.

My only answer to all this is... Good Job Intova! They didn't make any fuss, they acted on my
complaint and kept thinking from my viewpoint. A nice change to other companies...

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