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Last wednesday the moment was finally there. With only two Suunto EON Steel in the whole of Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands the opportunity to go scuba diving with the Suunto EON Steel dive computer felt quite special. I wasn't able to test every feature yet, but I can give you my first impressions and experiences.

The video review below is a first attempt at taking you along on our scuba diving day. Unfortunately my Go Pro under waterhouse broke down so I had to use the normal version. This one fogged up which made most of the video material unusable I was even lucky as this second housing broke during the second dive and the camera itself wasn't damaged.

The look and feel
The EON Steel definetely has the robust and rugged look with the rvs frame. However the protective casing does diminish this a bit. As I always dive with a D4i the EON Steel feels quite heavy on the arm. Probably you'll get used to this very easily. The strap is long enough to fit around my 7mm wetsuit with ease and you can double fold the strap so it's not in the way and it's doubly secure.

Menu settings
It was very simpel to navigate the menu and alter settings. Pressing the middle (home button) starts the menu settings. From here it's an easy and intuitive way of navigating the menu structure.

The display
This was just amazing. It didn't matter which depth we where or from which angle we looked at the display. At all times the display was crystal clear to read. It offers extensive information in the home screen: depth, max depth, temperature, ascend indicator, dive time and more. You can switch to the digital compass with a push on a button. Even when using the digital compass you have the standard information available. It's possible to customize these screen settings. However I didn't have the opportunity to try this out for myself yet. I only got the change to make two dives with it.

A Tank POD
Suunto developed a special wireless tank pressure transmitter for the EON Steel. This isn't the same as for the other dive computer series. I didn't have a change to test this product as it wasn't available for these two dives.

DM5 Software
Suunto will release their new software version end October, the beginning of November this year. As a Macbook user you had to install separate software to be able to use the DM4 software. I'm still researching if this is also true for the DM5 software. Keep an eye out for more information.

Update: 12-11-2014
How to install Suunto DM5 software on your MacBook

2nd review?
This review is only a small recap of my first impressions and experiences with the Suunto EON Steel. When I have the opportunity to test the other features as the new DM5 software I'll update you with a second review For know it was just fun and cool to be able to dive with the Suunto EON Steel.

Suunto eon steel
Suunto eon steel
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