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This is my 6th story in a series of personal scuba diving adventures and memories since I got my PADI certificates. The ocean or sea can have many different colors, but only once did I experience a dive in an emerald sea. Are your surprised to hear that this was during a dive in Holland?! Many people are and usually are amazed about the stories I'm going to share with you now.

The color of the Dutch waters can differ greatly depending on the season of the year you're going scuba diving and even the way that sunlight hits the water. This dive in 'an emerald' sea is the most beautiful dive I've ever made in Holland. I'm saying this with currently almost 200 hundred dives in my logbook from which around 130 dives here in Holland. It's even on the number 4 place in my top 10 dives list worldwide.

An colleague from work heard me talk about my trip to Curacao and my new found passion for wreck diving. It was some years since his last dive, but apparently my passion kindled an old flame as he wanted to come along on a scuba dive in Holland sometime. We planned a date somewhere near the end of October. The temperatures had been dropping fast and we where in the middle of a Dutch fall. This means a lot of harsh winds and cold rain. The type of day you'd rather spent inside on the couch with a good book and a glass of wine. However we where scuba diving. It's the second dive that day which would turn out to be an 'one of a kind'.

We jumped in the water at Den Osse Kerkweg, the only divers here. Our visibility was amazing with almost a 15 meters. Reaching the artificial reef balls it was almost like swimming through a white forest. All the reef balls where covered in a white coral as far as we could see. Suddenly the sun breached the clouds and the water turned to an emerald color. I just hold my breath for a moment while the beauty of that single moment hit me. During the rest of that dive we just swam in an emerald sea.

Probably it was a combination of facts that made this moment happen. The sun breaching the clouds, the angle it hit the water on a Autumn day, the amazing visibility of 15 meters and that we where on a depth of 6 to 8 meters. The only regret I have is that I only started making videos and photo a year later. But it doesn't really matter. All that is important is that I had a chance to scuba dive in an emerald sea.

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Scuba diving in the Netherlands
Scuba diving in the Netherlands
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