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In Holland it's tradition that when it's that time of year and your birthday is coming up you through a small / big party for family and friends. Then those same family and friends will buy you presents, wether or not based on a wish list provided by you. Luckily my birthday is not due for a couple of months and I still have time to put together my wish list. Recently I came across something which definitely will be on this list. A time saver when filling in your logbooks and a fun way people will remember you by. I'm talking about your very own 'Scuba Stamp'.

I have no idea why I haven't seen more people with them, but a few weeks back I saw a dive buddy pull out his stamp to sign my logbook. Off course I've seen multiple dive centers with them, but not really a single scuba diver. But then again, why would you? I've been scuba diving for several years now and I've never really thought about getting my personal stamp. Till now that is.

After a short Google search I found this single company, Stampex (it's all in a name), who make personal stamps just for scuba divers. You can choose from several templates or you can use your own design. They offer different kind of stamps, from wooden stamps to self-inking stamps.

I haven't ordered a stamp myself yet, so I don't have a clue about the quality of this company and their products. Probably there are many companies like them, I just took to the fact they came first on Google and that they focus on scuba divers. Before I will buy and try a stamp I'll need to adjust my own My Scubadiving Stories logo. Perhaps the ideal item for on my own birthday wish list :)

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