The Mares Fusion 52x regulator

Apparently it's the month of new products in scuba diving land. After Suunto last week with the EON Steel dive computer, this week it is Mares turn. They are introducing the Fusion 52x regulator or how they call it: " The new benchmark in high-performance regulators". Modesty is a thing of the past it seems. So what makes this regulator so special? Well it's the very first regulator from Mares which allows you to control your airflow, based on their 'Twin power' system. And what does this mean concretely?...

According to the specifications provided by Mares the 77% larger cross section and double curvature provide unprecedented performance and a 600% increase in durability, even under the most extreme conditions. Very easy to use with thicker gloves in colder waters and all this is in a new stylish design. Click on the image below to watch the design presentation of Mares themselves.

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