Repairing the camera housing of my Go Pro

Don't you just hate it when you have that once in a lifetime picture and your underwater camera chooses this exact moment to give up on you!? Well luckily that didn't happen to me, but still I was annoyed when I found out my Go Pro refused to make any more video's or photo's. After some trial and error I traced the cause back to the shutter button. Time to take a closer look and see if I can solve this problem myself

When I examined the shutter button you can see it's build up out of four parts, the button, a spring, a seal and something to hold it all together. In my case the spring has stopped with being springy. When pushing the shutter button the spring would stay stuck and as a result you can't make any photo's or video's anymore. Just how important can something so small be...

I thought well let's replace that little bugger, how difficult can it be?! I'm no Magyver, but I also don't have two left hands. But this task showed me one thing... The parts of the Go Pro camera houses aren't designed to repair yourself. At least not by me ;)

The spring and shutter button are attached to the housing by a very small 'only one time usable' ' no idea how it's called' thingy. When trying to pry it loose it just bended and it definitely wasn't usable anymore. I tried bending it back and attach it again, but it just didn't work. The housing is also so small you just can't reach it very well. So my very plan to change the spring on my underwater camea housing with one from one of the other housings failed.

Lesson learned?! Don't fiddle with you own camera housing unless you are definitely the next Magyver or at least know what your doing. For me... Well in a couple of weeks it's my birthday, so high on the list stands a new Go Pro 2 camera housing with flat lens.

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