A recap of 2014

t's that time of year in which we all look back at 2014. Which where the most interesting, adventurous and memorable stories during the past year. Well... I can say a lot has happened the past year. From scuba diving in Iceland to becoming a Suunto Pro Staffer. I have to say that it was a lot of fun to take the time to look back at what happened in 2014 and what where my highlights. Normally we always look forward, but I really enjoyed writing this post, sometimes dreaming away in memories.

January till March
In this first quarter of 2014 I had the change to travel to opposite climates. First I had a scuba diving holiday in my favourite Caribbean country yet, Aruba. Nice warm weather and beautiful dive locations. Only a month later I was in the opposite climate of Iceland. Freezing temperatures and snow everywhere. Here I had the change to dive on the famous dive site 'Silfra' and make a first dry suit dive. Furthermore I had the change to buy my official domain name www.myscubadivingstories.com in February. The first step in professionalising my blog.

April till June
The month April started well with winning a Hawaiian photo competition with a photo made in Silfra of a scuba diver touching the two continents. I was the lucky winner of an Intova Limited HD Sport edition. I also wrote a blogpost about 'How to choose your scuba diving lamp?' and this was picked up by one of the bigger diving communities in the Netherlands and they placed it on their platform. This was also the period I became a Suunto Pro Staffer, my three best friends took a change and went on an introduction dive with me and I finally met the elusive Snotolf.

Intova  Limited edition HD underwater camera
Lumpsuckerfish - Snotolf

July till September
In this period nothing much happened. Well in the area of scuba diving that is. I was away on summer holiday for four weeks, the Trans Mongolian Express. I wanted to go scuba diving in lake Baikal in Russia, but unfortunately the dive center was closed when I was there. A big disappointment! I did start one the more popular series on my blog, the 'My Stories series'. A string of personal stories in which I tell more about my personal dive experiences. I love writing these stories:

October till December
I wrote one of the most discussed blog posts in this period: 'Should diver certifications be forever?!' This is one of the first times I saw a really big difference in viewpoints which led to sometimes heavy discussions. I also wrote about the future of scuba diving which led to an English scuba diving platform contacting me if they could run the article on their site. Nice to be appreciated :) I also won a quiz question in the Mares Christmas calendar competition and now I'm the proud owner of a Comfort 150. Who says that you can never win stuff :) Last but not least I had the change to scuba dive with the EON Steel from Suunto, a fantastic experience.

I had a great time looking back at what happened in 2014. Can't wait what 2015 is going to bring! I wish you all a great and fantastic New Year!

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