A scuba diving expo in the Netherlands

That the Netherlands isn't that big of a country is well known in the world. That we have a major active scuba diving community and some of the most beautiful dive sites of Northern Europe is less known. We even have a scuba diving expo / exhibition for all those scuba diving geeks. The 'Duikvaker' will be held on January 31st and the 1st of February.

This expo will offer a broad range of scuba diving related topics. There will be stands with scuba diving schools promoting PADI, SSI or the Dutch versions IDD and NOB. You'll be able to check out new scuba diving products and even have the change to test some of them in a big tank. You can find several tour operators who offer scuba diving holidays all over.
But it's not all toys and holidays. I'll also have the change to really learn something here. Several topics will be discussed or a lecture will be given. Below are some examples:

  • Biology - what, when and where in the Netherlands
  • Scuba photography for beginners
  • Video - more then just filming
  • scuba diving with a rebreather
  • Freediving
  • Scuba diving and safety

I'm mostly interested in the class about biology and video. The expo will be next week and I'll planning on taking you along. If you have ever been interested in a Dutch scuba diving expo, than is this your change :) I'll be posting with photo and video visuals on my Twitter account during my visit at the expo: @myscubastories.

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