Bookreview: A scuba guide to Curaçao

A scuba guide to Curaçao

The Carribean island Curaçao is well known for it's azure waters, white beaches and beautiful coves & bay's. The last time I was on Curaçao was in the year 2011. Three weeks on a Caribbean island to get my rescue diver certificate. A lovely island, definitely worth visiting. A friend of mine, +Marloes Otten, has written a scuba guide about Curaçao and she asked me to write a book review. Within five minutes of opening the guide I was sold. I can only wish I had this guide with me in 2011. So why am I this enthusiastic about a scuba guide?

The guide has over 248 pages of scuba diving related information. You can read about the history of the island and the diversity of the Caribbean coral reefs. It offers a list of best snorkeling locations, a list of all the marine life found around Curaçao and information what to do in case of a medical emergency.

However, this isn't what makes this scuba guide so great in my opinion. That would be the detailed explanation of 85 dive sites found on and around Curaçao, including a map showing the exact location. Unlike in Egypt or Jordan you don't need a guide to go scuba diving on Curaçao. If you and your buddy want to go alone, this is perfectly legal. In that case this book is 'Gold'.

It offers all information to make a safe dive. For all shore dives a description how to reach the dive site by car and a description of the surrounding area. For example are there any restaurants or dive shops nearby. Furthermore a detailed description of the dive site itself, currents? marine life? wrecks? or any other important features to watch out for. The description comes with a map of the dive site.

If you are not that big of a reader it also offers a checkbox to see if the dive site is suitable for you:

  • Is it a boat or shore dive?
  • Can you snorkle here?
  • Which level of expertise is the dive site?
  • Which kind of marine life can you expect?
  • What is the maximum depth of the dive site?
Map of Curacao
Example of a dive site 1
Example of a dive site 2

My experience
I haven't been able to use this particular dive guide yet as I haven't been to Curaçao lately. However this isn't the only guide Marloes has written. She also wrote a guide about scuba diving in the Netherlands. My 'Holy Grail' during my initial first years of scuba diving without a guide in the Netherlands. It offered me and my buddy easy information where we could dive and more important what we could expect from the dive location. As the scuba guide of Curaçao has the same set up as the one I used I can't be anything else but enthusiastic about this guide.

It offers all information you could need as a scuba diver when visiting Curaçao.

More information:
Price: € 27,50
Languages: Currently only in Dutch. In a few months it will appear in English.

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